US Election 1916

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Election of 1916 Summary

In 1916, World War I had no end in sight. It was a bloodbath in Europe with hundreds of thousands of soldiers fighting until their death. For most of the war, America mostly sat on the sidelines.

But when Germany sank a British ship carrying Americans, the United States had a choice for action. Without a doubt, foreign policy dominated voter action.

Woodrow Wilson won re-election edging out Charles Hughes. But it was close. While Wilson gained 277 electoral votes, Hughes received 254.

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1912 Election Map

Woodrow Wilson

Twenty-ninth president of the United States (second term)

Vice President: Thomas Marshall
Total Electoral Votes: 277
Electoral Vote: 52%
Political Party: Democratic

Woodrow Wilson

1916 Election Timeline

1904: Theodore Roosevelt
1908: William Taft
1912: Woodrow Wilson
1916: Woodrow Wilson
1920: Warren Harding
1924: Calvin Coolidge
1928: Herbert Hoover
1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt

US Election 1916 Timeline

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