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US Election of 1924 Map

US Election 1924

Election of 1924 Summary

In 1923, Warren Harding died from a heart attack. Then, Calvin Coolidge filled in his role as president in 1923.

This made Coolidge a shoo-in, running for the Republicans. Next, John Davis got the nomination from the Democrats. Finally, Robert La Follette represented a new party called the Progressive Party.

When the votes were counted, Calvin Coolidge remained the 30th president of the United States. He defeated both parties with 382 electoral votes and more than 50% of the popular vote.

Calvin Coolidge

Thirtieth president of the United States

Vice President: Charles G. Dawes
Total Electoral Votes: 382
Electoral Vote: 72%
Political Party: Republican

Calvin Coolidge

1924 Election Timeline

1912: Woodrow Wilson
1916: Woodrow Wilson
1920: Warren Harding
1924: Calvin Coolidge

1928: Herbert Hoover
1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt

US Election 1924 Timeline

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