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US Election of 1928 Map

US Election 1928

Election of 1928 Summary

Calvin Coolidge was wildly successful as president. But he didn’t want to run again so that left Herbert Hoover to take his place.

The Democrats nominated Al Smith, who was governor of New York. He was also a bit of a political outcast because of his past feuds with Roosevelt.

As for the presidential election results, Herbert Hoover dominated with 444 electoral votes. And his main opponent, Al Smith picked up just 82 mostly in the southern states.

Herbert Hoover

Thirty-first president of the United States

Vice President: Charles Curtis
Total Electoral Votes: 444
Electoral Vote: 83.5%
Political Party: Republican

Herbert Hoover

1928 Election Timeline

1916: Woodrow Wilson
1920: Warren Harding
1924: Calvin Coolidge
1928: Herbert Hoover

1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt

US Election 1928 Timeline

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