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US Election of 1932 Map

US Election 1932

Election of 1932 Summary

Tough times were ahead, as the country entered the Great Depression. The stock market crashed, unemployment rose and the crime rate increased.

Herbert Hoover was unluckily in after he won the presidential election in 1928. He tried to lessen the burden by calling for spending on construction projects like the Hoover Dam. But he still wasn’t popular because he asked for more tax money to pay for everything.

This is the main reason why Franklin D Roosevelt from the Democrats won the election of 1932. People needed a change so he overwhelmingly received the support of the people with 472 electoral votes.

Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR)

Thirty-second president of the United States

Vice President: John Nance Garner
Total Electoral Votes: 472
Electoral Vote: 89%
Political Party: Democratic

Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)

1932 Election Timeline

1920: Warren Harding
1924: Calvin Coolidge
1928: Herbert Hoover
1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt

1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1948: Harry Truman

US Election 1932 Timeline

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  1. “The main reason Franklin Roosevelt won in 1932 was because people needed a change”.
    Was this written by a 4th grader? Maybe people needed a change because no one had jobs and many men couldn’t feed their families.

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