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US Election of 1936 Map

US Election 1936

Election of 1936 Summary

In the presidential election of 1936, it was mostly a battle between Franklin Roosevelt from the Democratic party and Alf Landon, a Republican.

During his term, Franklin Roosevelt single-handedly dug the economy out of the grave. He boosted it with relief, recovery, and reform. It’s why we have 8-hour workdays, social security, and minimum wage.

As the depression still carried on, people supported the efforts of Franklin Roosevelt. He dominated the vote with one of the biggest landslides in American election history. Roosevelt received 523 electoral votes, compared to just 8 from Landon. Yikes.

Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR)

Thirty-second president of the United States (second term)

Vice President: Henry A. Wallace
Total Electoral Votes: 523
Electoral Vote: 98.5%
Political Party: Democratic

Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)

1936 Election Timeline

1924: Calvin Coolidge
1928: Herbert Hoover
1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt

1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt
1948: Harry Truman
1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower

US Election 1936 Timeline

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