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Albuquerque Crime Map

Albuquerque Crime Map

Our Albuquerque crime map presents of heat map of crime incidents to understand safe and dangerous neighborhoods in Albuquerque. This crime map allows you to visualize crime incident patterns, helping you make informed decisions about safety in the city. These 4 neighborhoods in Albuquerque have higher crime rates than average.

Southeast HeightsSome areas have experienced higher crime rates.
BarelasHistoric neighborhood that has faced crime challenges.
Downtown AlbuquerqueSome parts may have higher crime rates.
International DistrictHistorically known for crime and socioeconomic issues.
Wells ParkHas faced challenges related to crime and safety.

Southeast Heights

Southeast Heights is located to the south of the trendy neighborhood of Nob Hill (as shown in our Albuquerque neighborhoods map). This area has seen higher crime rates in the past, particularly in certain pockets. This is specifically true for property crime, especially in this neighborhood.

Southwest Mesa

This neighborhood has had higher crime rates in the past. It’s important to remember that the Southwest Mesa area covers a large geographic region. So, this means that crime rates can vary within different pockets and communities.


The downtown area is home to various attractions in Albuquerque (as shown in our Albuquerque things to do map). Unfortunately, it has experienced higher crime rates compared to other neighborhoods. However, it’s worth noting the city has plans to revitalize with the “Downtown Forward” plan.

South Valley

In Albuquerque’s South Valley, specific crimes have historically included property crimes such as burglary and auto theft. While parts of the South Valley have a strong community spirit, some areas have experienced higher crime rates.

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