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Cincinnati Crime Map

A Map of Crime in Cincinnati

Navigating the safety of a city is crucial, and our Cincinnati crime map provides an overview of crime hotspots. You’ll see a clear hotspot in the north of Downtown Cincinnati. Although crime can happen in any neighborhood, here are some of the most historically unsafe neighborhoods in Cincinnati.


Avondale, a neighborhood north of Downtown Cincinnati, has had a reputation for higher crime rates in the past (especially for violent crime). When it comes to violent crime in the city, this neighborhood has some of the deadliest blocks and is known for its drug and gang activity.

West End

The West End neighborhood (along I-75) has faced socioeconomic challenges, which have correlated with higher crime rates in the past. We recommend exercising caution as some neighborhoods struggle with violent crimes. Factors such as poverty, unemployment, and limited access to resources have impacted the area.

Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills is another community northeast of Downtown Cincinnati (as shown in our Cincinnati road map). It shows up as a hot spot in our Cincinnati crime map and has been a target area for theft. Like many neighborhoods facing similar challenges, local authorities are actively working on improving safety in Walnut Hills.

Cincinnati Crime Map

Our Cincinnati crime map enables residents and visitors to make informed decisions about their surroundings. This map aims to promote awareness and enhance safety before visiting any neighborhood in Cincinnati. Although this crime heatmap can help identify unsafe areas, it’s important to stay safe no matter where you are in the city.

Cincinnati Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Cincinnati with interstate highways.

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