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Colorado Springs Zip Code Map

Discover the city’s postal regions with this Colorado Springs zip code map. This free map contains color-coded postal boundaries with highways overlaid on top. Download this map for personal use to understand the addressing of this city nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Springs map collection

Colorado Springs Zip Code Table

The table below includes all the zip codes in the Colorado Springs area with population and area. Don’t forget to check out our map of Colorado Springs for street and general city information.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
80902Colorado SpringsCO8,7242.66
80903Colorado SpringsCO15,8394.12
80904Colorado SpringsCO22,47513.94
80905Colorado SpringsCO18,7565.02
80906Colorado SpringsCO38,88348.66
80907Colorado SpringsCO26,7649.94
80908Colorado SpringsCO22,97197.07
80909Colorado SpringsCO39,1247.95
80910Colorado SpringsCO31,5787.02
80911Colorado SpringsCO34,46913.62
80912Colorado SpringsCO3360.72
80913Colorado SpringsCO7,678129.25
80914Colorado SpringsCO5030.86
80915Colorado SpringsCO21,8677.25
80916Colorado SpringsCO37,51316.95
80917Colorado SpringsCO31,0566.02
80918Colorado SpringsCO48,57812.14
80919Colorado SpringsCO30,05614.51
80920Colorado SpringsCO41,34511.89
80921Colorado SpringsCO29,97175.4
80922Colorado SpringsCO30,2506.02
80923Colorado SpringsCO33,2236.7
80924Colorado SpringsCO15,6445.69
80925Colorado SpringsCO15,20621.28
80926Colorado SpringsCO1,43941.03
80927Colorado SpringsCO8,1941.72
80928Colorado SpringsCO1,042246.65
80929Colorado SpringsCO29741.23
80930Colorado SpringsCO1,02740.35
80938Colorado SpringsCO301.03
80939Colorado SpringsCO590.62
80951Colorado SpringsCO4,65310.36

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