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Columbus Crime Map (Ohio)

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Columbus

In general, crime rates are higher adjacent to Downtown Columbus along I-71 and I-70. Our map highlights hot and cold spots of crime. Here are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Columbus.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crime
LindenNortheast Columbus, residential areaHomicides, violent crimes and property crimes.
Near East SideEast of Downtown, historic neighborhoodsThefts, vandalism, burglaries, and some violence.
HilltopWest Columbus with a residential communityHigh rates of theft, burglary, and some violence.
South LindenNorth of Downtown, primarily residentialProperty crimes and occasional violence.
FranklintonWest of Downtown, industrial and residential mixDrug-related offenses and property crimes.
University DistrictNorth of Downtown, near Ohio State UniversityFrequent thefts, vandalism, and occasional assaults.

Columbus Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Columbus with interstate highways.

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