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Columbus Crime Map (Ohio)

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Columbus

Our Columbus crime map highlights hot and cold spots using incidents of crime. In this overview of the city’s neighborhoods, we shed light on areas that have historically faced higher crime rates. Here are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Columbus.


Located northeast of downtown adjacent to I-71, Linden has faced challenges related to crime, including property crimes and violent incidents. As shown in our Columbus crime map, it’s highlighted as a high crime hotspot.

Near East Side

The Near East Side has experienced higher crime rates in certain areas, primarily related to property crimes and drug-related offenses. Although some areas in this neighborhood are safe, it’s generally considered one of the most unsafe areas in the city.


Situated west of downtown, Hilltop has had a reputation for higher crime rates in the past, including property crimes and drug-related incidents. Keep in mind that this is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city. As a result, it could have a mix of safe and dangerous areas within it.

Columbus Crime Map Neighborhoods

Although this Columbus crime map can help highlight areas of crime, it’s important to remember that crime can occur in any neighborhood, and it’s recommended to exercise caution. But in general, crime rates are higher adjacent to Downtown Columbus along I-71 and I-70.

Columbus Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Columbus with interstate highways.

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