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Kansas City Crime Map

Kansas City Crime Map Neighborhoods

Our crime map is your guide to understanding Kansas City’s crime. Explore trends in safety and security in the heart of the Midwest. Below, you’ll find a table with the most dangerous neighborhoods of Kansas City.

NeighborhoodLocationTypes of Crimes
Wendell PhillipsEast Kansas City, near 18th and Vine DistrictProperty crimes, thefts, assaults, and occasional drug-related offenses.
IvanhoeCentral Kansas City, south of Linwood BoulevardProperty crimes, burglaries, assaults, and occasional shootings.
Old NortheastNortheast Kansas City, near the Kansas City MuseumHigh rates of property crimes, robberies, and drug-related offenses.
DowntownCentral business district, near Power and Light DistrictThefts, vandalism, and occasional violent incidents.

We thought it was difficult to see the downtown area in our map so we’ve created a blown-up map of that area.

Kansas City Downtown Crime Map

Kansas City Crime Map

Click on the image to see our original crime map of Kansas City with interstate highways and neighborhoods.

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