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Kansas City Zip Code Map

Kansas City Zip Code Table

Our map shows Kansas City’s postal regions and interstate highways. We allow you to download this map free of charge. Plus, the table below includes all the zip codes in the Kansas City area.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
64101Kansas CityMO3550.35
64102Kansas CityMO00.39
64105Kansas CityMO5,9040.79
64106Kansas CityMO10,7281.73
64108Kansas CityMO10,3523.58
64109Kansas CityMO10,7332.06
64110Kansas CityMO15,8923.01
64111Kansas CityMO18,0682.65
64112Kansas CityMO9,1471.48
64113Kansas CityMO11,4662.51
64114Kansas CityMO23,7926.9
64116Kansas CityMO18,45611.65
64117Kansas CityMO14,5666.25
64118Kansas CityMO43,36212.72
64119Kansas CityMO30,88514.38
64120Kansas CityMO3769.65
64123Kansas CityMO11,3761.79
64124Kansas CityMO12,9241.42
64125Kansas CityMO2,0791.52
64126Kansas CityMO6,8992.44
64127Kansas CityMO17,7504.32
64128Kansas CityMO11,7083.01
64129Kansas CityMO9,06010.78
64130Kansas CityMO21,5247.23
64131Kansas CityMO22,5249.13
64132Kansas CityMO13,4949.76
64133Kansas CityMO34,23116.53
64134Kansas CityMO21,39911.66
64136Kansas CityMO2,1705.05
64137Kansas CityMO11,2845.91
64138Kansas CityMO26,23213.85
64139Kansas CityMO2,7425.01
64145Kansas CityMO5,3345.71
64146Kansas CityMO1,0685.14
64147Kansas CityMO6563.55
64149Kansas CityMO3629.59
64151Kansas CityMO30,32013.43
64152Kansas CityMO29,79632.87
64153Kansas CityMO7,34934.68
64154Kansas CityMO11,42711.18
64155Kansas CityMO26,09314.24
64156Kansas CityMO7,35512.87
64157Kansas CityMO20,45010.17
64158Kansas CityMO6,5432.1
64161Kansas CityMO75517.05
64163Kansas CityMO97011.94
64164Kansas CityMO31911.33
64165Kansas CityMO2073.23
64166Kansas CityMO2324.58
64167Kansas CityMO4681.54
66101Kansas CityKS13,6323.6
66102Kansas CityKS30,28011.23
66103Kansas CityKS13,8714.83
66104Kansas CityKS25,73216.74
66105Kansas CityKS2,9193.13
66106Kansas CityKS23,58219.48
66109Kansas CityKS23,48247.84
66111Kansas CityKS8,90424.1
66112Kansas CityKS11,8875.91
66115Kansas CityKS04.48
66118Kansas CityKS30.76
66160Kansas CityKS00.02

Kansas City Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Kansas City with interstate highways.

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