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Nashville Neighborhood Map

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Neighborhoods in Nashville

Discover the city of Nashville through this detailed neighborhood map. Whether you’re visiting the honky-tonk energy of Broadway to the trendy boutiques of 12 South, this Nashville neighborhood map highlights the diverse and exciting areas that make Music City a unique and beloved destination.


At the heart of Nashville, Downtown offers a lively atmosphere with its iconic Broadway strip, filled with honky-tonk bars and live music venues. The neighborhood’s dynamic energy attracts both locals and tourists, making it the perfect place to experience Nashville’s country, bluegrass, blues, and rock music scene.

12 South

This trendy neighborhood has tree-lined streets, vintage shops, and eateries. 12 South is a favorite among everyone, offering a perfect blend of boutique shopping, delicious food, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Nashville Downtown District
Nashville Downtown District

The Gulch

An urban district, The Gulch boasts modern high-rises, upscale dining, and trendy rooftop bars with stunning skyline views. Its central location and upscale amenities make it a prime spot for young professionals and luxury seekers.

Hillsboro Village

Adjacent to Vanderbilt University, Hillsboro Village is an area with a mix of students, academics, and locals. The neighborhood features a variety of cafes, indie boutiques, and entertainment options, creating a lively and diverse environment.


Positioned near Music Row and Vanderbilt University, Edgehill offers a blend of historic homes, modern apartments, and a laid-back vibe. Its central location and community-oriented atmosphere attract a mix of students, professionals, and families.

Nashville Broadway Pub District
Nashville Broadway Pub District

East Nashville

Known for its hip and eclectic vibe, East Nashville is a haven for creative people. The neighborhood’s diverse community and historic character make it a popular choice for young professionals and families.


With its historic architecture and contemporary vibe, Germantown blends the old and the new seamlessly. The neighborhood is home to chic restaurants, upscale boutiques, and lush green spaces, attracting residents seeking a mix of urban living and community appeal.

Sylvan Park

Nestled in West Nashville, Sylvan Park offers a relaxed suburban feel with tree-lined streets and bungalows. The neighborhood’s friendly community, local eateries, and proximity to parks make it a desirable place to call home.

Nashville Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge
Nashville Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge


Known as WeHo, this up-and-coming neighborhood is an artsy hub, housing numerous galleries, studios, and creative spaces. With its diverse community and a growing number of hip establishments, WeHo is drawing in a young and artistic crowd.

Green Hills

Located south of downtown, Green Hills is an upscale neighborhood known for its upscale shopping at The Mall at Green Hills and beautiful residential areas. The neighborhood’s tranquility and convenience make it a sought-after destination for families and affluent residents.

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