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New Orleans Crime Map

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in New Orleans

While New Orleans is known for its festive atmosphere, it’s good to stay informed about crime statistics. This New Orleans crime map will be your way to understanding the safety landscape of this culturally rich city.

Central City

Located near the heart of New Orleans, Central City has been known for higher crime rates in the past. Despite revitalization efforts, it has faced challenges with crime, particularly in certain areas.


Situated in the western part of the city, Hollygrove has faced crime issues in the past. Although community efforts have been made to improve safety, this neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in New Orleans.


Adjacent to the French Quarter, Treme is a historically significant neighborhood, but it has experienced higher crime rates over the years. In particular, this is true for violent crimes and robberies.

New Orleans East

This neighborhood, located east of the city, has had higher crime rates and police response times compared to some other areas. However, there are various sections within New Orleans East, and crime levels may vary between them.

Historically, some neighborhoods in New Orleans have had higher crime rates. This is particularly true in neighborhoods such as Central City and Treme, which have historically faced challenges related to crime and safety.

Please note that crime rates can change over time, and it’s essential to refer to the latest data for accurate information. This crime map of New Orleans displays crime data alongside 311 calls in the New Orleans area.

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