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New Orleans Zip Code Map

Displayed above is a zip code map of New Orleans, which highlights the interstate highways and postal regions within the city. For anyone wanting to send a letter, here’s a map with the postal codes in “The Big Easy”. Finally, you can download it free of charge, granting you use it for personal use.

New Orleans map collection

New Orleans Zip Code Table

The table below includes all the zip codes in the New Orleans area with population and area. Don’t forget to check out our map of New Orleans for street and general city information.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
70112New OrleansLA6,1660.82
70113New OrleansLA8,7771.14
70114New OrleansLA23,7745.86
70115New OrleansLA33,7124.43
70116New OrleansLA12,7831.41
70117New OrleansLA27,7676.17
70118New OrleansLA35,5145.36
70119New OrleansLA42,1664.58
70121New OrleansLA11,6403.83
70122New OrleansLA35,9336.89
70123New OrleansLA26,2559.34
70124New OrleansLA20,9986.96
70125New OrleansLA17,0702.3
70126New OrleansLA28,78917.87
70127New OrleansLA24,3825.11
70128New OrleansLA19,4395.04
70129New OrleansLA10,544154.75
70130New OrleansLA16,0552.6
70131New OrleansLA30,24114.7
70148New OrleansLA00.3

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