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Pittsburgh Crime Map

Pittsburgh map collection

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

This Pittsburgh crime map provides a heat map helping anyone understand safety trends.  Whether you’re a potential homebuyer or just curious about crime statistics, this map helps you explore and understand the city’s crime data


Located in the East End of Pittsburgh, Homewood has historically experienced higher crime rates. The neighborhood has struggled with issues related to poverty, unemployment, and drug-related activities. It’s also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for violent crimes.

North Side

The North Side, comprising neighborhoods like Allegheny West, Central Northside, and Manchester, has experienced higher crime rates in certain areas. Factors such as socio-economic disparities and vacant properties have played a role in crime incidents.

Hill District

Situated near Downtown Pittsburgh, the Hill District has had a history of higher crime rates. Economic challenges and disinvestment have contributed to crime-related issues in the past. However, revitalization efforts and community initiatives have been underway to address these concerns.

Remember that crime rates fluctuate, and efforts are continually being made to improve safety in all neighborhoods across Pittsburgh. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, we recommend consulting recent crime statistics and local authorities.

Pennsylvania map collection

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