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US Election of 1796 Map

Thomas Jefferson vs John Adams

US Election 1796

In this election, George Washington refused to run for a third term. So unlike past elections, the presidency was mostly up in the air without a clear winner.

This election included Tennessee. But it was a two-party system between the Democratic-Republicans and Federalists.

John Adams claimed the spot as second President of the United after receiving 71 electoral votes. But it was a close race as Thomas Jefferson finished with 68 electoral votes.

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1792 Election Map

John Adams

Second president of the United States

Vice President: Thomas Jefferson
Total Electoral Votes: 71
Electoral Vote: 51%
Political Party: Federalist

john adams

1796 Election Timeline

1789: George Washington
1792: George Washington
1796: John Adams
1800: Thomas Jefferson
1804: Thomas Jefferson
1808: James Madison
1812: James Madison
1816: James Monroe

US Election 1796 Timeline

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