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US Election of 1789 Map

No political parties existed in 1789. But two sides existed.

One was the Federalist, who supported the Constitution. Then, the other side was the Anti-Federalists.

Either way, both factions sided with George Washington. Then in 1789, he unanimously became the first elected US president.

Each voting elector casted one of its two votes for Washington. New York, Rhode Island and North Carolina did not vote because they had not yet ratified the Constitution.

1792 Election Map
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1796 Election Map

George Washington

First president of the United States

Vice President: John Adams
Total Votes: 69
Electoral Vote: 100%
Political Party: Independent

george washington

1789 Election Timeline

1789: George Washington
1792: George Washington
1796: John Adams
1800: Thomas Jefferson
1804: Thomas Jefferson
1808: James Madison
1812: James Madison
1816: James Monroe

US Election 1789 Timeline

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