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US Election of 1900 Map

US Election 1900

Election of 1900 Summary

The 1900 US election was basically a rematch from the one before. It featured William Jennings Bryan and William McKinley, which we call the battle of William version 2.

During his term, McKinley was successful with the economy. By winning the Spanish-American War, the United States obtained Spanish colonies like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

During the election of 1900, William McKinley was elected again gaining 292 electoral votes. But McKinley was later assassinated. Then, Theodore Roosevelt took his place.

William McKinley

Twenty-fifth President of the United States (second term)

Vice President: Theodore Roosevelt
Total Electoral Votes: 292
Electoral Vote: 65%
Political Party: Republican

William McKinley

1900 Election Timeline

1888: Benjamin Harrison
1892: Grover Cleveland
1896: William McKinley
1900: William McKinley

1904: Theodore Roosevelt
1908: William Taft
1912: Woodrow Wilson
1916: Woodrow Wilson

US Election 1900 Timeline

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