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US Election of 1888 Map

US Election 1888

Election of 1888 Summary

The 1888 US election was a race between Grover Cleveland of the Democrats and Benjamin Harrison from the Republicans.

The economy was doing well under Grover Cleveland’s leadership, which was based on free trade. On the contrary, Harrison wanted to protect business with tariffs.

After the votes were counted, Benjamin Harrison won and became the 23rd US president. He gained 233 electoral votes, which represented 58% of the voting.

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1884 Election Map

Benjamin Harrison

Twenty-third president of the United States

Vice President: Levi P. Morton
Total Electoral Votes: 233
Electoral Vote: 58%
Political Party: Republican

Benjamin Harrison

1888 Election Timeline

1876: Rutherford Hayes
1880: James Garfield
1884: Grover Cleveland
1888: Benjamin Harrison
1892: Grover Cleveland
1896: William McKinley
1900: William McKinley
1904: Theodore Roosevelt

US Election 1888 Timeline

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