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Map of Afghanistan

This Afghanistan map displays major cities, towns, roads, and rivers with key features such as the capital city of Kabul and the 800-km stretch Hindu Kush mountain range.


Afghanistan Political Map


Afghanistan Satellite Map

The majority of Afghanistan’s terrain is rugged and mountainous. Between the mountains are the valleys where many Afghan people live and produce crops. Despite its vast amount of deserts and dry regions, Afghanistan has various rivers flowing within the country. For instance, its longest rivers are the Helmand, Kabul, and Farah. According to the FAO, forests cover just 2.1% of Afghanistan. Whereas deserts like the Registan Desert cover most of the south.


Afghanistan Physical Map

Afghanistan is completely landlocked with various physical geographic regions. But the majority of Afghanistan is mountainous. For example, the Hindu Kush Mountains dominate the north and central regions. Within the Hindu Kush Range, Noshaq is Afghanistan’s highest peak at 7,492 m (24,580 ft). Further to the northwest, the Paropamisus Mountains stretch westward toward Iran. Otherwise, the Bamiyan Valley is enclosed between the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Finally, the Registan Desert is an extremely arid plateau in the south.


Afghanistan Provincial Map

There are 34 provinces in Afghanistan, which are the first-level administrative unit level of the country. Each province appoints its own governor. Typically, a province contains over 1000 villages or a number of districts. The capital city of Kabul is also a province.

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