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Virginia Lakes and Rivers Map

Virginia Lakes and Rivers Map

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Virginia Map Extent

In this map, you will find major rivers, reservoirs, and lakes of Virginia. In general, rivers in Virginia flow into the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Chesapeake Bay is the largest inlet in the eastern United States, stretching up to 35 miles wide. Some of the largest lakes in Virginia are Kerr Lake, Smith Mountain Lake, and Lake Gaston.

Roanoke River, James River, and New River are the three longest rivers in Virginia. The Potomac River flows into Chesapeake Bay and separates it from Maryland.

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Virginia map collection

Virginia lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs
John H Kerr Reservoir
Roanoke Reservoir
Smith Mountain Lake
South Holston Lake
Bluestone Lake
Lake Chesdin
Back Bay
Chesapeake Bay
Atlantic Ocean
Dismal Swamp
Rivers and streams
James River
Clinch River
Roanoke River
Rappahannock River
Shenandoah River
North Anna River
York River
New River
Appomattox River
Holston River
Mattaponi River
Pamunkey River
Meherrin River
Nottoway River
Potomac River
Rapidan River
Rivanna River
Maury River
Blackwater River
Jackson River
Powell River
Craig Creek
Cowpasture River
Dan River
Smith River
Anna River


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