Arizona Lakes and Rivers Map

Arizona Rivers Lakes Map

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In general, rivers and streams of Arizona flow into the Gulf of California.

In this map, you will find major rivers, reservoirs and lakes of Arizona.

Arizona Lakes & Rivers – National Map

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Arizona Rivers Lakes Map
Arizona Lakes and Rivers
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Arizona lakes and rivers – In the map

Arizona Lakes
Lake Powell
Lake Mead
Little Colorado
Theodore Roosevelt Lake
Lake Mohave
Lake Havasu
Cataract Lake
Alamo Lake
San Carlos Reservoir
Gulf of California
Arizona Rivers
Colorado River
Verde River
Salt River
Gila River
Virgin River
San Pedro River
Bill Williams River
Black River
Puerco River
Santa Maria River
Hassayampa River
Agua Fria River
Santa Cruz River
Creeks in Arizona
Kanab Creek
Chinle Creek
San Simon Creek
Clear Creek
Washes in Arizona
Moenkopi Wash
Chinle Wash
Big Chino Wash
Centennial Wash
Dinnebito Wash
Brawley Wash
San Cristobal Wash
Colorado Wash
Polacca Wash

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