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Connecticut County Map

Connecticut County Map

About the map

This Connecticut county map geographically displays its 8 counties. Its count of just 8 counties ranks as the third-fewest in the United States, ahead of Rhode Island and Delaware.

Connecticut Map Extent

Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford are some of the largest counties in Connecticut for the population. These 3 counties along with New London formed back in 1666 before the independence of America.

For size and area, Litchfield County is the largest in Connecticut with an area of 944.5 square miles (2446.2 km2). But the smallest county is Middlesex County with an area of just 382.4 miles square. The largest city in Connecticut is Bridgeport, which is located in Fairfield County. But the state capital Hartford and the fourth-largest city in Connecticut finds its place in Hartford County. Another major city, New Haven, resides in a county of its own name New Haven County.

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Connecticut map collection

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Connecticut county list

County Name Population (2020 est) County Map Area (sq mi) Locator Map FIPS Code
Fairfield County 942,426
Fairfield County Map Connecticut
Fairfield County
Fairfield County Map Connecticut Locator
Fairfield County Map
Hartford County 889,226
Hartford County Map Connecticut
Hartford County
Hartford County Map Connecticut Locator
Hartford County Map
Litchfield County 179,610
Litchfield County Map Connecticut
Litchfield County
Litchfield County Map Connecticut Locator
Litchfield County Map
Middlesex County 161,657
Middlesex County Map Connecticut
Middlesex County
Middlesex County Map Connecticut Locator
Middlesex County Map
New Haven County 851,948
New Haven County Map Connecticut
New Haven County
New Haven County Map Connecticut Locator
New Haven County Map
New London County 264,999
New London County Map Connecticut
New London County
New London County Map Connecticut Locator
New London County Map
Tolland County 150,600
Tolland County Map Connecticut
Tolland County
Tolland County Map Connecticut Locator
Tolland County Map
Windham County 116,540
Windham County Map Connecticut
Windham County
Windham County Map Connecticut Locator
Windham County Map

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