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El Salvador Map

About the Map

El Salvador Location Map

This El Salvador map contains major cities, roads, satellite imagery, and elevation. El Salvador is located in Central America bordering Honduras, Guatemala, and the Pacific Ocean.

The population of El Salvador is about 6,825,000 people with the majority living in El Salvador’s capital and largest city of San Salvador.

El Salvador occupies an area of 21,040 square kilometers, which is just below the size of West Virginia. The highest point in El Salvador is Cerro El Pital, at 2,730 meters (8,957 ft) and its largest river is Rio Lempa.

Capital city

San Salvador

Cities, towns and villages

San Francisco Gotera
San Miguel
La Union
Santa Ana
Nueva San Salvador
San Vicente

Lakes, rivers, and water features

North Pacific Ocean
Rio Lempa
Lake Ilopango
Lago de Coatepeque
Bahía de Jiquilisco
Laguna de Olomega
Lago de Guija

Other features

Cerro El Pital (Highest Point)
Major Highways and Roads
Ilopango International Airport
Los Comandos Airport
El Salvador International Airport

Central America

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