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Eswatini Map

About the Map

Eswatini Location Map

This Eswatini map (Swaziland) shows major cities, roads, satellite imagery, and elevation. Eswatini is a landlocked African country located within South Africa and next to Mozambique.

The two capital cities of Eswatini are Mbabane and Lobamba. While Mbabane serves as the executive capital, Lobamba is the legislative capital of Eswatini.

Eswatini is the 7th smallest country in Africa at just 17,364 square kilometers in size. This makes it half the size of Maine and similar to the country of Kuwait. The terrain consists of mostly mountains and hills with Emlembe as the highest peak.

Capital city


Cities, towns and villages

Piggs Peak
Big Bend
En Iembe

Lakes, rivers and water features

Komati River
Black Umbuluzi
Mnjoli Dam

Other features

Matsapha Airport
Major Highways and Roads
Emlembe (Highest Point)

Southern Africa

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