Botswana Map

A Botswana map that shows its diverse geography such as Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta. It includes major cities, towns, rivers, and lakes with satellite imagery and an elevation map of Botswana.


Botswana Political Map

Botswana is a landlocked African country located in Southern Africa. It borders 4 other countries. First, Namibia wraps around Botswana from the west all around to the north. It also borders Zimbabwe and South Africa to the northeast and southwest. Finally, at the northeast tip of Botswana, it connects to Zambia across the Zambezi River from the Kazungula Bridge.  Botswana’s capital and largest city is Gaborone.


Botswana Satellite Map

The Kalahari Desert is a defining feature of Botswana covering as much as 70% of its landmass. The Okavango Delta is the other key feature of Botswana in the northern region. During periods of flooding, its lush vegetation becomes home to vegetation and animal habitat. The total land area of Botswana is 581,730 square kilometers (224,610 sq mi), which is almost identical in size to Kenya.


Botswana Elevation Map

Botswana is mostly flat with the Kalahari Desert covering more than 70% of the territory.  But it does have several hills including the Kgale, Monalanong, and Tswapong Hills.  But its highest point is Otse Hill at 1,491 meters (4,891 feet). Otse Hill is in the southeast corner close to its border with South Africa.