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Los Angeles Zip Code Map

Los Angeles Zip Codes

Above is a Los Angeles zip code map with the postal regions that make up the “City of Angels”. Explore the interstate highways so you can connect to the beating heart of this metropolis city. Download this L.A. zip code map for free and use it for personal use.

Zip CodeNameStatePopulationSquare Miles
90001Los AngelesCA59,0663.53
90002Los AngelesCA52,5533.1
90003Los AngelesCA71,4573.51
90004Los AngelesCA61,2643.12
90005Los AngelesCA43,9301.56
90006Los AngelesCA59,4301.87
90007Los AngelesCA44,5562.53
90008Los AngelesCA31,0233.53
90011Los AngelesCA107,2724.36
90012Los AngelesCA39,2713.68
90013Los AngelesCA14,7790.69
90014Los AngelesCA10,3650.28
90015Los AngelesCA28,4461.67
90016Los AngelesCA49,4343.62
90017Los AngelesCA32,6900.72
90018Los AngelesCA51,9343.12
90019Los AngelesCA64,3754
90020Los AngelesCA44,7471.11
90021Los AngelesCA3,1232.02
90022Los AngelesCA67,1074.25
90023Los AngelesCA47,8404.2
90024Los AngelesCA48,3432.94
90025Los AngelesCA45,3322.7
90026Los AngelesCA68,5574.08
90027Los AngelesCA46,5438.24
90028Los AngelesCA36,3701.52
90029Los AngelesCA39,7191.34
90031Los AngelesCA39,6694.04
90032Los AngelesCA46,1924.68
90033Los AngelesCA48,4503.01
90034Los AngelesCA58,7043.2
90035Los AngelesCA29,6262.1
90036Los AngelesCA40,1542.41
90037Los AngelesCA64,1702.75
90038Los AngelesCA29,6631.51
90039Los AngelesCA29,1813.95
90040Los AngelesCA12,8065.72
90041Los AngelesCA28,1033.54
90042Los AngelesCA62,2044.38
90043Los AngelesCA45,4954.12
90044Los AngelesCA90,8465.1
90045Los AngelesCA43,32111.03
90046Los AngelesCA49,8895.5
90047Los AngelesCA49,1434.87
90048Los AngelesCA22,3231.92
90049Los AngelesCA35,99215
90056Los AngelesCA7,5362.46
90057Los AngelesCA42,9120.88
90058Los AngelesCA3,7195.95
90059Los AngelesCA43,0633.34
90061Los AngelesCA28,3672.6
90062Los AngelesCA32,9761.88
90063Los AngelesCA55,8593.65
90064Los AngelesCA26,0923.82
90065Los AngelesCA46,7135.48
90066Los AngelesCA54,2674.79
90067Los AngelesCA2,1180.33
90068Los AngelesCA23,1378.03
90071Los AngelesCA170.13
90073Los AngelesCA00.09
90077Los AngelesCA9,5857.44
90089Los AngelesCA1,7470.18
90095Los AngelesCA10.37

Los Angeles Zip Code Map

Click on the image to see our original zip code map of Los Angeles with interstate highways and neighborhoods.

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