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Map of Macau

Macau Map
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This Macau map features its major landmarks and tourist attractions. It includes a physical map and satellite imagery to see one of the most densely populated places in the world.

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Macau World Map
Macau on a World Map

Macau is a small, densely populated territory located on the southern coast of China. It is situated on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, in the East Asian region. Macau consists of a peninsula and two islands, which are connected by bridges. The main island is called Taipa, and the other two islands are Coloane and Cotai.

Macau is also a special administrative region of China. It borders only China to the north. But it’s also just 60 km (37 mi) west of Hong Kong. Macau is known for being the “Las Vegas of Asia” because gambling and tourism are the largest economic drivers. It also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

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Macau Satellite Map

Macau occupies an area of 115.3 square kilometers (44.5 sq mi). With a population density of over 21,000 people per square kilometer, this makes it one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Macau consists of the Macau Peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. The Sai Van Bridge and Amizade Bridge connect Macau Peninsula to Taipa Island. Macau International Airport is situated on the eastern side of Taipa Island.

Macau Satellite Map


Macau Physical Map

Macau is generally flat and is primarily urban. But it has numerous steep hills lost in the skyline of Macau. Both the legislative assembly and Macau Tower are on the Macau Peninsula to the southwest. Also, it has several parks like Guia Municipal Park and the Garden of the Surrounding of Monte Fort Macau. The highest point in Macau is Alto Coloane, which is just 172 meters in height. Whereas its lowest point is the South China Sea at sea level.

Macau Physical Map

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