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US Election of 1856 Map

US Election 1856

Election of 1856 Summary

Franklin Pierce could not get his parties’ renomination. Instead, it was James Buchanan who took his place.

A brand new party formed called the Republicans led by James Fremont. The big topic of campaigns was the opposition to slavery in parts of the country.

After voting in 1856, James Buchanan won with 174 electoral votes. But he wasn’t very successful because it segmented into a civil war.

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1852 Election Map

James Buchanan

Fourteenth president of the United States

Vice President: William R. King
Total Electoral Votes: 254
Electoral Vote: 86%
Political Party: Democratic

James Buchanan

1856 Election Timeline

1844: James Polk
1848: Zachary Taylor
1852: Franklin Pierce
1856: James Buchanan
1860: Abraham Lincoln
1864: Abraham Lincoln
1868: Ulysses Grant
1872: Ulysses Grant

US Election 1856 Timeline

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