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US Election of 1860 Map

US Election 1860

Election of 1860 Summary

The United States was divided as a country because of the expansion of slavery and the rights of slave owners.

The states of Oregon and Minnesota now could vote with 4 major parties led by Lincoln, Douglas, Breckenridge and Bell.

In what may have been one of the highest stakes elections, Abraham Lincoln won with 180 electoral votes becoming the 16th president of America.

Abraham Lincoln

Sixteenth president of the United States

Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin
Total Electoral Votes: 180
Electoral Vote: 59%
Political Party: Republican

1860 Election Timeline

1848: Zachary Taylor
1852: Franklin Pierce
1856: James Buchanan
1860: Abraham Lincoln

1864: Abraham Lincoln
1868: Ulysses Grant
1872: Ulysses Grant
1876: Rutherford Hayes

US Election 1860 Timeline

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