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US Election of 1868 Map

US Election 1868

Election of 1868 Summary

Andrew Johnson who served as president after Lincoln’s assassination didn’t get re-nominated. Instead, Horatio Seymour unwillingly took his place.

Since the previous election, Nebraska could participate in this one. Also, African Americans could vote for the first time.

The Republicans nominated Ulysses Grant, a former war hero. After counting the votes, he easily won against Seymour with 214 electoral votes.

Ulysses Grant

Eighteenth President of the United States

Vice President: Schuyler Colfax
Total Electoral Votes: 214
Electoral Vote: 73%
Political Party: Republican

Ulysses Grant

1868 Election Timeline

1856: James Buchanan
1860: Abraham Lincoln
1864: Abraham Lincoln
1868: Ulysses Grant

1872: Ulysses Grant
1876: Rutherford Hayes
1880: James Garfield
1884: Grover Cleveland

US Election 1868 Timeline

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