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US Election of 1872 Map

US Election 1872

Election of 1872 Summary

Ulysses Grant remained popular as part of the Republican Party. But scandals haunted Grant, such as how he favored friends and family.

In the 1872 US election, it was the first time a woman (Victoria Woodhull) ran to be president. Like her running mate, it was also the first time that a former slave and African American ran.

Despite the scandals, Ulysses Grant dominated the election with 286 electoral votes. Partly, it was because of how poorly his opponent Horace Greeley campaigned.

Ulysses Grant

Eighteenth president of the United States (second term)

Vice President: Henry Wilson
Total Electoral Votes: 286
Electoral Vote: 86%
Political Party: Republican

Ulysses Grant

1872 Election Timeline

1860: Abraham Lincoln
1864: Abraham Lincoln
1868: Ulysses Grant
1872: Ulysses Grant

1876: Rutherford Hayes
1880: James Garfield
1884: Grover Cleveland
1888: Benjamin Harrison

US Election 1872 Timeline

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