US Election 2016

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Election of 2016 Summary

Barack Obama helped the economy rebound and he kept with tradition by not running for a third term as president. Meanwhile, a terrorist group ISIS took over parts of Syria and Iraq.

Donald Trump was a businessman and actor who took America by surprise as he became the lead nominee for the Republican party. His campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again”, which really resonated with the people of America. Because of his celebrity background and vocal absurdities, he made the election more interesting to watch.

For the Democrats, it was a close race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But eventually, they chose Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and spouse of past president Bill Clinton. It was the first time in an American election that a major party nominated a female as their nominee. But coming into the election, Donald Trump convinced the American people that Clinton couldn’t be trusted in an extremely dirty campaign.

Both candidates were disliked and were not looking forward to the results. When all the votes were counted, Donald Trump won the 2016 election with 304 electoral votes compared to 227 from Hillary Clinton. But for the popular vote, Clinton won with 48% of the vote and Trump earned just 46%.

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Donald Trump

Forty-fifth president of the United States

Vice President: Mike Pence
Total Electoral Votes: 304
Electoral Vote: 57.3%
Political Party: Republican

Donald Trump

2016 Election Timeline

1988: George H.W. Bush
1992: Bill Clinton
1996: Bill Clinton
2000: George W. Bush
2004: George W. Bush
2008: Barack Obama
2012: Barack Obama
2016: Donald Trump

US Election 2016 Timeline

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