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US Election of 2020 Map

US Election 2020

Election of 2020 Summary

The 59th presidential election in history took place on November 3, 2020. It was a time when the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world putting entire countries into lockdown. Businesses shut down as the state of the economy was in a downward spiral. At the same time, “Black Lives Matter” protests marched across the country in a stand against police brutality after the murder of George Floyd.

Despite the US having 4% of the world’s population, 20% of all deaths in the world occurred in the United States. Needless to say, the country was particularly hit hard by the virus. Many blamed President Donald Trump for his inaction and downplay of the virus. As a result of all this turmoil, this election had a record number of early voters either by mail or in person.

Despite being one of the most unpopular presidents in history and being impeached twice, Republicans loyally stood by Trump. For the Democratic party, it looked like it would be Bernie Sanders as the front runner. But it turned out to be Joe Biden who was in his seventies, who stepped up to run against Donald Trump. Throughout his campaign, Biden gained a lot of momentum. Eventually, he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The country was divided with Donald Trump adding gasoline to the fire. But he still had large followings as the election results were not a total landslide by any means. After America counted the votes Joe Biden won and became the 46th president in American history.

He gained 306 electoral votes and 51.3% of the popular vote. Kamala Harris became the first black female Vice President and Joe Biden became the oldest president in the history of the United States. Voter turnout was the highest since the presidential election of 1900.

Joe Biden

Forty-sixth president of the United States

Vice President: Kamala Harris
Total Electoral Votes: 306
Electoral Vote: 51.3%
Political Party: Democratic

Joe Biden US President

2020 Election Timeline

1992: Bill Clinton
1996: Bill Clinton
2000: George W. Bush
2004: George W. Bush

2008: Barack Obama
2012: Barack Obama
2016: Donald Trump
2020: Joe Biden

US Election 2020 Timeline

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  1. I don’t understand the stats.
    in 2016 304 electoral votes were deemed 57% of the electoral votes
    but in 2020 306 electoral votes were 51% of the electoral vote.

    I assume the denominator of electoral votes did not increase. What am I missing?

  2. It’s interesting to see that you simply stated verifiable facts about the 2020 election reality and some choose to view the facts through their individual political lenses. It was sad to see some were recent graduates. I would like to hope we’re teaching the next generation to think critically and have the ability to separate personal beliefs, biases, and opinion from hard cold facts. Alternative facts or sticking our heads in the sand never ends well. It was also interesting that not one of the stated facts were refuted. My overall point was to balance the commentary and share my opinion that I was thoroughly impressed with the design and helpful information on the site. I feel geographically smarter and saved the link for future reference. You’re doing a good job and providing a valuable service. Stay focused and keep improving as you continue to serve our country and the world.

  3. I was enjoying your website immensely until I came across your partisan viewpoint on the 2020 election. I studied for a masters degree in Geography from Cal State Northridge. Thankfully professors at CSUN were committed to presenting both sides of an issue and letting students make the choice. You cheapen yourselves by inserting poorly written political takes on an otherwise brilliant mapping site. If your agenda is converting school-aged children into Democrats, so be it. But those of us who appreciate GIS and want a landing page that is committed to integrity and the scientific principle will look elsewhere.

  4. I was enjoying reading about the presidents and elections over the past 100+ years From an unbiased stand point. That is, until we got to modern times… The writer became seemingly biased as we hit the 2016 – 2020 marker. I could imagine most people disagreeing with me on my view point due to an obvious aggression regarding our current presidential situation. Point is, one could easily notice that the writer was speaking from a position of first-hand involvement rather than the previous elections I had read about in which the writer would not have been able to have had first hand knowledge from a live witness standpoint. creating a munch more intriguing unbiased read!
    Furthermore, I had become disappointed as I got to the recent write ups regarding our current USA elections and statuses.
    Thanks for reading!
    Galen Hayes.

  5. I am searching for a US map with mountains all over the internet but I can’t find a single one. Can somebody please add one?!

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