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Esri User Conference: Should You Go to Esri UC?

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Esri User Conference: Should You Go to Esri UC?

Every year, the Esri User Conference takes place in San Diego, California. This annual conference in July is a one-of-a-kind event with opportunities to network with other geospatial professionals from around the world.

Whether you are a new or experienced user, the Esri User Conference is a must-attend event. It’s the world’s largest GIS conference with an audience of 15 to 20,000 people.

This 4-day event holds sessions on the latest GIS techniques and technology. Plus, you can join fellow users and Esri experts in a multitude of learning opportunities, including presentations, technical sessions, and exhibits.

But should you go to Esri UC? If you want to learn more about the Esri User Conference, here is your chance to find out more about this premier event.

What can you get out of the Esri conference?

Esri User Conference

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of geospatial technologies, then this is the event for you. The Esri User Conference features a variety of workshops and sessions on topics such as spatial analytics, 3D modeling, mapping platforms, and much more.

These sessions will help you learn about the latest trends in the industry, giving you a competitive edge. Here is what you can get out of it.

  • Attend the Plenary Session
  • Get specialized training
  • Engage with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Network with your peers

The other exciting part about going to Esri UC is that it allows you to meet like-minded professionals in the industry. Otherwise, you can talk with professionals about work-related topics during networking sessions and beyond.

Esri UC workshops and highlights

Esri UC

The Esri User Conference has a wide variety of workshops, training sessions, and talks to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. If you’re interested in attending, you can gain a deep understanding from any of the following:

  • 600+ GIS user presentation sessions
  • 300 exhibitors
  • 275 technical workshops

Esri UC holds a wide variety of workshops and training sessions available where you can learn how to become more productive in GIS technologies. If you are looking for a specific area of expertise, the conference tracks are divided into the following categories:

  • Business
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Health and human services
  • Natural resources
  • Public safety
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Overall, the Esri User Conference is a great place for professional development opportunities because there are so many different learning opportunities available at this event. But nothing is as big as the plenary session.

Plenary Session

Esri UC Jane Goodell

Join Esri president Jack Dangermond, Esri thought leaders and featured guest speakers to see how GIS is inspiring what’s next in our future, and for the world.

The Plenary Session usually kicks off the Esri User Conference with its keynote speakers. You get a front-row seat at where GIS is heading and Esri’s vision for ArcGIS, AGOL, and other GIS software and products.

During this season, you can learn about Esri’s cutting-edge tools for data visualization, mapping software development, and GIS integration.

The Plenary Session also highlights some of the outstanding efforts that use GIS technologies to shape the world. It also provides a unique opportunity to see and hear some of the brightest minds in technology deliver provocative insights.

Training sessions and workshops

Esri UC Best Maps

At the Esri User Conference, you will have access to a wide variety of workshops and training sessions. These include workshops from vendors and sponsors on how to do all things GIS from spatial analytics, mapping platforms, and business intelligence.

Training sessions and workshops are where you can network with other like-minded professionals and learn more about geospatial technologies. You can also have face-to-face conversations with experts in various fields related to GIS.

In addition to connecting with other professionals in the industry, you’ll also be able to expand your knowledge by participating in some of the conference’s talks. For example, the are dozens of talks on data science, digital cartography, and much more.

Overall, it’s a great way for you to gain valuable insight into what is going on in the industry and learn more about what you can do with your career.

Esri UC Expo

Esri UC Expo

The Esri User Expo is the perfect opportunity for experts and entrepreneurs. It can give you that boost to start your business in the geospatial field while staying up-to-date on the different industries.

As a user, you’ll have a chance to interact with professionals from around the industry. It’s a great place to network with other professionals and make connections for future business opportunities.

At the Esri UC Expo, it’s how you can join your peers and get the latest insight on the state of the industry and exchange best practices. Plus, get advanced knowledge on user-centered design and data visualization.

This is the place to explore, learn, and find true inspiration by connecting one-on-one with GIS innovators from the user community, Esri staff, and others.

Other Types of Esri Conferences

Esri hosts a variety of conferences and events throughout the year, focusing on different aspects of GIS technology. In addition to the well-known Esri UC, there are several other types of Esri conferences and events. Here are some of them:

  1. Esri Developer Summit: The Esri Dev Summit is aimed at developers, programmers, and technical professionals who work with Esri’s software and APIs. It covers topics related to custom app development, web GIS, and geospatial technology.
  2. Esri Federal GIS Conference: This event is tailored for those working in the federal government. It focuses on GIS technology in areas such as national security and environmental conservation.
  3. Esri International Distributor Conference: This is a gathering of Esri’s international distributors and partners. It provides a forum for sharing strategies, best practices, and insights into the global GIS market.
  4. Esri Education Summit: This event is designed for educators, school administrators, and anyone involved in GIS education. It focuses on the use of GIS technology in educational settings and showcases teaching resources and methodologies.
  5. Esri Health Conference: Geared toward professionals in the healthcare sector, this conference explores how GIS technology can improve health outcomes, service delivery, and social programs.
  6. Esri Public Safety GIS Conference: This event focuses on the use of GIS in public safety and emergency management. Professionals from law enforcement, fire, and emergency response organizations attend this conference.
  7. Esri Business Summit: This conference is dedicated to business professionals and decision-makers looking to leverage GIS for location-based analytics including retail, real estate, and logistics.
  8. Esri Ocean, Weather, and Climate GIS Forum: This forum explores the application of GIS technology in understanding and addressing issues related to oceans, weather, and climate. It’s of interest to scientists, researchers, and environmental experts.

These conferences provide opportunities to learn the latest developments and share best practices in various sectors.

Should you go to the Esri User Conference?

It depends on where you live. Albeit, it’s a little more difficult to join if you’re from Europe or Asia. But yes, it’s worth your time to attend the Esri User Conference.

With that said, the cost is steep! $1,500 and up! If you’re a student, there are discounts available with proof of enrollment. But if you’re not a student, your company might be able to subsidize or cover the cost of it.

The Esri User Conference is a great way to build your skills while meeting new people in the geospatial industry. There are so many opportunities for networking at Esri UC that it would be hard not to have a good time!

Attending this event will offer you the chance to connect with other users, share ideas, and get feedback on your projects. You can also attend workshops and training sessions covering everything from news in the geospatial industry to getting started in GIS.

If you’re interested in attending any of the technical workshops and user presentations, then check out the Esri User Conference main page to get started on registering for this one-of-a-kind experience.