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GIS Manager Job: Managing Spatial People

gis manager job

GIS manager job skills, salary and description

GIS managers don’t necessarily need strong technical skills in GIS. It’s a big plus if they do. But they don’t have to.

With their main focus on managing budgets, employees, and business development, GIS managers need good organizational skills with solid public speaking skills.

Your days will be booked with a lot of these. For example, this includes spreadsheets, email, phone calls, and meetings. GIS managers often are project and departmental managers taking on several other roles.

How much can you earn? What types of skills do you need to become a GIS manager? If you want to get started, the Project Management Professional Certificate by Google is a great way to get started. Otherwise, keep on reading about what it takes to be a GIS manager.

How do GIS manager salaries stack up around the world?

In general, GIS managers are the highest level of pay you can earn in the field of GIS. They can earn higher than most GIS developers and specialists in their field.

What is the average GIS manager’s salary?

Based on data from Indeed, here’s how much GIS manager’s salaries are in different currencies around the world:

GIS Manager Salary Map

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GIS manager advantages and disadvantages

GIS managers always have to do more in less time. They work on business development for the long-term benefits and values of GIS in an organization.

It takes years of experience to become a GIS manager. Not only do you manage GIS projects, but you manage the people who make the projects happen.

Planting the GIS seeds in an organization means GIS managers are usually the beneficiaries of the highest pay.

Even though GIS managers have a good overall basis of GIS, they don’t necessarily need the skills of a GIS technician or analyst.

According to Indeed job trends, GIS managers are one of the highest in demand.

gis technology jobs trends

GIS manager job duties

What are some of the daily tasks of a GIS manager?

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT involves anything from public speaking, technical writing & editing, and budgeting. Also, business management entails project management, teaching/training for personnel management, and sales/marketing.

CARTOGRAPHY is the study of creating maps. The origin comes from “charta” – “tablet or leaf of paper” and graph – “to draw”. Instead of creating map products, GIS managers often have to review maps. This includes anything from softcopy mapping, web mapping to ordinary map design.

Complimentary GIS manager job duties

DATABASE MANAGEMENT offers insight on how to store and extract information from structured sets of geographic data. Instead of performing everyday operations, GIS managers have the foresight to assure quality control for database development. This means they will need knowledge for data management, database administration, and asset management consulting

SPATIAL ANALYSIS uses techniques to manipulate, extract, locate and analyze geographic data. For example, spatial analysis examples include buffering, clipping, and exploring the relationships between map features. GIS managers will have to provide input for GIS modeling, data integration & conversion, data analysis, and geomatics.

Example GIS Manager Tasks

GIS Manager

What is the typical job description for a GIS manager?

  • Manage a diverse GIS project portfolio, guiding project decisions regarding technical approach, cost implications, and project scheduling.
  • Engage in business development and take responsibility for project execution, and oversight of GIS team members, sub-contractors, and consultants to ensure the highest quality of work is provided to our clients
  • Experience managing staff in a team environment with an ability to oversee and manage complex projects
  • Show proven client management, organization, and communication skills required

If you need a bit more, then try out some of the diplomas offered by Coursera to help give you the credentials you need. For example, Leading People and Teams and Strategic Leadership and Management are other great ways to get started.

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