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Hawaii Rivers and Channels Map

Hawaii Rivers and Lakes Map

About the map

On this map, you will find channels, rivers, and bays of Hawaii. For example, it has the Kauai, Kalohi, and Pailolo channels. All rivers and streams of Hawaii flow into the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii Map Extent

The longest river in Hawaii is the Wailuku River. This 28-mile-long river flows eastward, descending steeply from the mountains before entering the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re going to travel to Hawaii, you can find all sorts of recreational activities to do along its sandy beaches and windward coast. You can explore everything from catamaran cruises to dolphin watching and snorkeling.

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Hawaii map collection

You are free to use our map of Hawaii for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Hawaii channels and rivers


Kaulakahi Channel
Kauai Channel
Kaiwi Channel
Alenuihaha Channel

Kalohi Channel
Pailolo Channel
Kealaikahiki Channel


Kaneohe Bay
Kahului Bay

Kawaihae Bay
Hilo Bay

Rivers and streams

Olokele River
Wailua River

Wailuku River

Major islands and water features

Islands in Hawaii



Landmarks and features

Pacific Ocean
Kalopa Gulch
Ka Lae

Pearl Harbor
Cape Kumukahi
Upolu Pt

City and Island Maps of Hawaii


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