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Hawaii County Map

Hawaii County Map

About the map

This Hawaii county map displays the 5 counties of Hawaii, which include Kauai, Honolulu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kalawao counties. Hawaii is tied for second with the least number of counties, tied with Rhode Island. Only Delaware has fewer counties than Hawaii.

Hawaii Map Extent

Kalawao County is the least populated county in all of the United States. This county lies snugly along the northern coast of the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. It’s home to less than 100 people and occupies just 13.2 square miles. On the other end of the spectrum, Honolulu is the most populated county in Hawaii.

More than 970,000 Hawaiians call Honolulu their home. It’s a major tourist attraction known for its beaches and volcanoes. The largest island is Hawaii County with an area of 4028.7 square miles.

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Hawaii map collection

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Hawaii county list

County Name Population (2020 est) County Map Area (sq mi) Locator Map FIPS Code
Hawaii County 203,340
Hawaii County Map Hawaii
Hawaii County
Hawaii County Map Hawaii Locator
Hawaii County Map
Honolulu County 963,826
Honolulu County Map Hawaii
Honolulu County
Honolulu County Map Hawaii Locator
Honolulu County Map
Kalawao County 87
Kalawao County Map Hawaii
Kalawao County
Kalawao County Map Hawaii Locator
Kalawao County Map
Kauai County 71,851
Kauai County Map Hawaii
Kauai County
Kauai County Map Hawaii Locator
Kauai County Map
Maui County 167,902
Maui County Map Hawaii
Maui County
Maui County Map Hawaii Locator
Maui County Map

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