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Louisiana Lakes and Rivers Map

About the map

Louisiana Map Extent

This map displays major rivers, bayous, and lakes of Louisiana like Lake Pontchartrain and Borgne. In general, the rivers of Louisiana flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

Two rivers on the east side of Louisiana carve out the border with its neighboring states. It’s the Mississippi River and Pearl River that shares a border with Mississippi. But on the west side, it’s the Sabine River sharing a border with the state of Texas.

Lake Pontchartrain is the largest lake in Louisiana at over 400,000 acres in size. In fact, it more than doubles the next largest, the Toledo Bend Reservoir, along the state of Texas. Finally, Caddo Lake and Bayou D’Arbonne Lake are the next largest lakes, both larger than 15,000 acres in area.

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Louisiana lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Lakes and reservoirs
Sabine Lake
Lake Pontchartrain
Calcasieu Lake
Lake Grand
White Lake
Lake D’Arbonne
Catahoula Lake
Lake Maurepas
Grand Lake
Lake Salvador
Caddo Lake
Lake Bistineau
Lac des Allemands
Cross Lake
Claiborne Lake
Lake Borgne
Lake Verret
Toledo Bend Reservoir
Rivers and streams
Mississippi River
Red River
Pearl River
Ouachita River
Boeuf River
Calcasieu River
Atchafalaya River
Amite River
Bogue Chitto River
Tensas River
Black River
Tangipahoa River
Vermillion River
Mermentau River
Dugdemona River
Little River
Whiskey Chitto Creek
Castor Creek
Bays and sounds
Atchafalaya Bay
Vermilion Bay
Barataria Bay
Terrebonne Bay
Timbalier Bay
Chandeleur Sound
Breton Sound
Gulf of Mexico
Bayou Macon
Bayou Bartholomew
Bayou Lafourche
Teche Bayou
Black Lake Bayou


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  1. I have a problem, my best friend and I, as teenagers, were brought by her dad to go water ski-ing every summer and I was just learning how so he would bring us down the Natalbany River since it was so smooth and perfect to slollium(ski on one ski, I am so sorry for the spelling). I can’t find on a Louisiana Waterways Map where the Natalbany River is, could you please help me to locate this River and possibly point it out on a map? We went down the Blind River to get to it but ai dont see the Blind River listed either. Please HELP Sincerely, Kristina Holcombe

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