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Equatorial Guinea Map

Equatorial Guinea Map
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This map of Equatorial Guinea contains major cities, roads, rivers, lakes, satellite imagery, and elevation. It includes the islands Bioko and Annobon situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

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About the map

Equatorial Guinea World Map
Equatorial Guinea on a World Map

Equatorial Guinea is a small country located in Central Africa. It borders 2 other countries including Cameroon to the north, and Gabon which wraps around from the south to the east.

Also, it shares 296 kilometers (184 mi) with the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Equatorial Guinea consists of its mainland on the coast of Central Africa.

But it also contains 5 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, including Bioko Island which is home to its capital city of Malabo. Bata is the largest city, situated on the west coast of the mainland known for being a port city. The population is about 1.3 million people and has one of the worst human rights records in the world.

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Equatorial Guinea Satellite Map

Equatorial Guinea occupies a total area of 28,050 kilometers (10,830 sq mi), which makes it larger than Burundi but smaller than Lesotho. It contains five small islands in the Atlantic Ocean – Bioko, Corisco, Annobón, Elobey Chico (Small Elobey), and Elobey Grande (Great Elobey).

While Bioko Island is known for its volcanic formations, harbors, and beaches, Annobon Island has a tropical climate with heavy rainfall and windstorms. Dense tropical rainforest covers Equatorial Guinea. This makes it home to diverse flora, fauna, and animal life such as gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards, buffalo, antelope, elephants, hippopotamuses, and crocodiles.

Equatorial Guinea Satellite Map


Equatorial Guinea Elevation Map

The continental region of Equatorial Guinea (Río Muni) contains a mix of coastal valleys, low hills, and mountains. Specifically, the Crystal Mountains are a chain of low mountains, lying parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. But Equatorial Guinea’s highest peak is on the island of Bioko. At 9,878 ft (3,011 m), Pico Basilé is located in the northern region forming a national park.

Equatorial Guinea Elevation Map

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