Gabon Map

A map of Gabon with reference features like cities, rivers, and lakes. Satellite imagery and a physical map of Gabon show everything from its savanna to its mountains and hills.

Gabon Political Map

Gabon is located in Central Africa, along the Atlantic Ocean at the Equator. It borders just 3 countries. First, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea are situated to the north. Then, the Republic of the Congo wraps around Gabon from the south to the east. Libreville is the capital and largest city just on the equator along the west coast. Its other major cities are Mandji, Masuku, and Oyem.


Gabon Satellite Map

Gabon occupies an area of 267,667 square kilometers (103,347 sq mi), which makes it larger than Guinea but smaller than Burkina Faso. Savanna covers the east and south of Gabon, with hilly pockets within the interior of Gabon. Because Gabon is on the equator, the temperature in Gabon is tropical and is hot year-round. According to the U.N. FAO, forests cover about 85% of Gabon making it one of the most heavily forested countries in the world. While Gabon’s longest river is the Ogooue River, Lake Onangue is one of its largest lakes.


Gabon Physical Map

Gabon has three distinct regions. First, the coastal lowlands are along the Atlantic Ocean and are characterized by their narrow mangroves. Whereas the east is mostly long strips of dry savanna and forest. Lastly, the Cristal Mountains and Chaillu Massif lie within the interior. At 1,575 meters (5,167 ft), the highest point in Gabon is Mount Iboundji. But Mont Bengoué is also contested as Gabon’s most elevated peak as well.