Guinea Map

A map of Guinea (Formerly French Guinea) with cities, towns, rivers, lakes, and highways. Satellite imagery and a physical map show the topography and terrain of Guinea.

Guinea Political Map

Guinea is a country located in Western Africa. It borders six other African countries. Guinea-Bissau is to the northwest, Senegal is to the north, Mali is to the northeast, Ivory Coast is to the southeast, as well as Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south. Its coastline stretches for 506 kilometers (314 mi) off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Conakry is the capital and largest city of Guinea along the west coast. Other major cities include Nzérékoré and Kankan.


Guinea Satellite Map

Guinea occupies an area of 245,857 square kilometers (94,926 sq mi), which makes it larger than Uganda but smaller than Gabon. A major feature is the Fouta Djallon mountain chain that runs through the interior. This highland region is the source of the Niger, the Gambia, and Senegal Rivers. According to the FAO, forests cover 26.6% of Guinea. For example, this includes the Dahomey Gap, Guinean forest-savanna area, and the forested jungle regions in the southeast.


Guinea Physical Map

The country of Guinea is a mostly flat coastal plain in Lower Guinea. But closer to the interior, it’s a mix of rolling hills and mountainous terrain. For instance, this includes the Fouta Djallon mountains that run north-to-south in the middle of the country. At 1,752 m (5,748 ft), Mount Nimba is the highest point in Guinea. Not only Guinea, but it’s also the highest point of its neighboring country, Ivory Coast, as well.