US Election 1984

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Election of 1984 Summary

In Reagan’s first term, the economy rebounded substantially. He sought a second term as president with George H.W. Bush as vice president. Reagan seemed unstoppable.

For the Democrats, Walter Mondale was nominated. Then, he picked Geraldine Ferraro, which made her the first major-party vice presidential candidate in the history of the United States

For the 1984 election results, Ronald Reagan won in another landslide victory. He reigned over Mondale with 525 electoral votes. Mondale could only win 13 electoral votes from his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia. This marked the biggest blowout in an election.

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Ronald Reagan

Fortieth president of the United States

Vice President: George H. W. Bush
Total Electoral Votes: 525
Electoral Vote: 97.6%
Political Party: Republican

Ronald Reagan

1984 Election Timeline

1972: Richard Nixon
1976: Jimmy Carter
1980: Ronald Reagan
1984: Ronald Reagan
1988: George H.W. Bush
1992: Bill Clinton
1996: Bill Clinton
2000: George W. Bush

US Election 1984 Timeline

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