Spatial Join
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How Spatial Join Works in GIS

The spatial join tool inserts the columns from one feature table to another based on location or proximity. It can affix one or many fields to the target.

Geostatistics Feature
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What is Geostatistics?

Geostatistics is the study of statistics with a focus on finding patterns of geographic phenomena using variograms, kriging and validation.

Internet of Things
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Internet of Things (IoT) in GIS

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects billions of sensors from around the world, enabling the exchange of information between them.

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What Is GeoEnrichment?

Geoenrichment is a process that assigns demographic attributes such as education, income, or age to polygons based on geographic location.

IDW Search Radius
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Buffer Tool in GIS

The buffer tool (planar/geodesic) generates a polygon around features at a set distance. Here are the differences between ring, geodesic & euclidean buffers.

Zonal Statistics Feature
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How To Use Zonal Statistics

Zonal Statistics uses groupings to calculate statistics (sum, mean, maximum, etc) for specified zones like countries, watersheds or parcels.

Dissolve Tool Feature
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Dissolve Tool in GIS

The Dissolve Tool combines adjacent boundaries based on common attribute values – only if neighbor polygons have the same dissolving attribute.