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Map of Hamilton, Ontario

If you’re planning your first visit to Hamilton, Ontario, this map collection can help you learn everything you need to know.

We’ve designed 3 maps so you can explore Hamilton. It includes a road map, a list of things to do, and a neighborhood map.

Whether you’re trying to plan a visit or make a road trip, make sure to print our maps of Hamilton before you go.

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Hamilton map collection

Interactive Map of Hamilton

Before you check out our printable maps, we’ve included an interactive map. Because the key is to know what activities you can do, this map will give you the latest information. But the best part is that there are no bounds to how far you can explore.

Hamilton Road Map

Hamilton is an exceptional city for exploring. It’s small enough that you can get from one end of it to the other in an hour or so. But it has so much to offer. In fact, it’s the third largest city in Ontario after Toronto and Ottawa. This free road map can show you the way to anywhere you want to go in the city.

Highways: 5, 6, 8, 52, 403

Parkways: Alexander Graham Bell Parkway, Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, Red Hill Valley Parkway

Major Roads: Brock Road, Claremont Access, Cootes Drive, Dundas Street, Dundurn Street, King Street, Main Street, Nikola Tesla Boulevard, Paradise Road, Queen Elizabeth Way, Queenston Road, Upper James Street, Victoria Avenue, Wellington Street, York Boulevard

10 Things To Do in Hamilton

If there were only 10 things we could recommend you to do in Hamilton, this would be it. Much of it is confined to the core downtown area. But other conservation sites like the Devil’s Punchbowl, Gage Park, and its botanical gardens are just outside.

Hamilton is a major city in the Province of Ontario and is home to the CFL’s Tiger-Cats. These are our recommended attractions that you should check out in Hamilton.

  1. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
  2. Dundurn Castle
  3. Art Gallery of Hamilton
  4. Royal Botanical Gardens
  5. HMCS Haida National Historic Site
  1. Bayfront Park
  2. Whitehern Historic House and Garden
  3. Gage Park
  4. Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area
  5. Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Hamilton Reference Map

Hamilton is filled with all sorts of cozy neighborhoods for you to experience. With this map as your ally on your travels, you can see it all at a glance. That includes everything just outside the city boundary.

Airports: John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

Conservation Areas: Beverly Swamp Conservation Area, Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Devil’s Punch Bowl, Governor’s Road Conservation Area, Mountsberg Conservation Area, Valens Dam and Reservoir Conservation Area

Communities: Alberton, Albion Falls, Ancaster, Brock Gardens, Carluke, Copetown, Crooks’ Hollow, Dundas, Elfrida, Flamboro, Glanford Station, Gulliver’s Lake, Hamilton Beach, Hannon, Hayesland, Jerseyville, Kirkwall, Leckie Park, Millgrove Station, Mountsberg, North Glanford, Progreston, Renforth, Rockton Airfield, Rymal, Southcote, Stoney Creek, Strabane, Summit, Tapleytown, Trinity, Troy, Tweedside, Valens, Vinemount, Waterdown, Westover, Winona Park, Woodburn

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