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MapViewer by Golden Software (Review)









Data Management



  • Versatile in thematic map production
  • Focus is on data visualization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data manipulation for XYZ points
  • Census-based street data geocoding
  • Short learning curve


  • License cost but more affordable
  • Specialized in specific domains
  • Narrow range of analysis tools
  • Lacks web map publishing capabilities
  • Sparse tools for advanced editing

MapViewer by Golden Software

Golden Software developed MapViewer with an emphasis on thematic mapping.

In other words:

If you want to show your data in a variety of map types, then MapViewer is an ideal solution.

More on this later.

We have Golden Software ranked #18 in our list of 30 GIS software programs. Today, let’s explore the Golden suite of Software products.

The Golden Software Suite

The Golden Software suite is primarily for scientific visualizations. Here is a quick overview of their stand-alone applications:

  • SURFER: If you want to work in 3D, then Surfer is a fully-functional 3D visualization package. For example, you can explore volumes, depths and 3D surfaces.
  • MAPVIEWER: For publication-quality thematic maps, MapViewer is your software of choice. For data manipulation, there are analysis, editing and geocoding tools.

Golden Software MapViewer

  • DIDGER: When you want to transform your data, Didger has capabilities for data transformation. For example, you can digitize and georeference maps, graphs and aerial photo regardless of size.
  • VOXLER: For 3D modeling, Voxler stands out for anything with depth. If you want to examine LiDAR point clouds, you can do that or almost anything 3D in it.
  • GRAPHER: If you want to produce high quality graphs, Grapher has the right set of tools. For example, you can plot your data in 2D and 3D.
  • STRATER: Finally, Strater is for cross-section modelling. Using Strater, you can examine well logs, borehole and groundwater data.

Thematic Mapping in MapViewer

If you need to produce a professional map, MapViewer has a clear focus on thematic mapping. It helps you lay a strong foundation with over 15 out-of-the-box map types.

Here are some of the examples of the types of maps you can create in Golden Software MapViewer:

  • Territory
  • Vector
  • Line Graph
  • Gradient
  • Bar

If you’ve ever used Golden Software, it strives for simplicity for user experience. MapViewer is no different because it’s just an easy point-and-click to generate high-quality thematic maps.

For any type of report, it has all the essential cartographic elements you need in a map. For example, it has scale bars, north arrows, legend options, and more. All are customizable and look great.

Golden Software Map Types
This shows all the types of maps you can generate in MapViewer by a simple click of the button.

Short list of analysis tools

While mapping is a strong point, its analysis and geoprocessing tools fall short. There isn’t a lot you can do with MapViewer on its own. Needless to say, you may need one of its other products. Here are some examples of its analysis tools:

  • Shortest Path
  • Closest Neighbor
  • Bordering Neighbors
  • Polylines in Polygon
  • Touched by Polyline
  • Weighted Mean Center

If you buy MapViewer expecting to get cutting-edge editing, analysis, and data management tools, you’ll be disappointed. There’s really not much-advanced GIS operations you can do with this software.

But you can geocode by using the census-based Golden Software [.STR] street data. This is how you can put locations on the map for any street address.

Summary: MapViewer by Golden Software

By no means is Golden Software MapViewer meant to be a full GIS solution.

Instead, it’s good for building thematic maps that really stand out.

As a complementary application with its product line, it might be the trick you need.

Especially, if you’re familiar with Golden Software already.

Have you used Golden Software? What are your thoughts? Please let us know with a comment below.

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