ArcGIS Publisher

What Is ArcGIS Publisher?

ArcGIS Publisher makes it easy to share digital versions of maps and data through ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.

Previously, the ArcGIS Publisher for ArcMap extension was meant for packaging maps in published map format (PMF) that were accessible in ArcReader.

But now, ArcGIS Publisher is meant more for packaging mobile map packages (MMPK) and mobile scene packages (MSPK).

Today, let’s take a look at the old and new versions of ArcGIS Publisher and learn how they can benefit you.

ArcGIS Publisher for ArcMap

The main purpose of the ArcGIS Publisher for ArcMap extension is to generate PMF files that can be opened in ArcReader. Because ArcReader is a free application, this means that it’s possible can share your GIS layers with anyone.

Plus, it’s also possible to add password protection and limit the extent of the view of your map contents. This means that these read-only files can help protect maps and could be suitable for organizations that need to distribute data and maps openly.

ArcGIS Publisher for ArcMap does not get high usage anymore. But it still has advantages, especially if you want to share map layers as visuals for viewing or printing.

Unlike web mapping services, PMFs do not support the ability to display dynamic data. Therefore, this format is ideal for those who want to simply share map layers with others or save them for future reference.

ArcGIS Publisher For ArcMap

ArcGIS Publisher for ArcGIS Pro

As technology has advanced, the purpose of ArcGIS Publisher for ArcGIS Pro has shifted more to offline usages such as for tablets and smartphones.

ArcGIS Publisher for ArcGIS Pro is designed for packaging mobile map packages (MMPK) and mobile scene packages (MSPK) to use out in the field.

Mobile map packages contain all the necessary data in a single file that can be used anywhere. This is convenient for field collection efforts or if you have limited access to a network connection.

ArcGIS Publisher For ArcGIS Pro


Overall, ArcGIS Publisher is a publishing extension that can be used to share maps and other content for others to use.

ArcGIS Publisher for ArcMap is for creating PMF files and to be consumed within the free ArcReader application.

But ArcGIS Publisher for ArcGIS Pro is more for the purpose of packaging data so field workers can use it for data collection.

Do you use ArcGIS Publisher? Or have you ever used it before? What did you like or dislike about it? Please let us know with a comment below.

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