Paraguay Map

A map of Paraguay that shows cities, towns, highways, roads, lakes, and rivers. Satellite imagery and an elevation map display its notable features like the Chaco, Paraneña, and the Paraguay River.


Paraguay Political Map

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. It borders Bolivia to the northwest, Argentina to the south, and Brazil to the northeast. Because of its central position in the continent, Paraguay’s nickname is the ‘heart of South America’. It’s also known as “the land of water” because the Paraguay River is the lifeblood of the country splitting it into north and south. But it’s also because it contains the world’s largest water reserve, Guarani Aquifer, stretching into Brazil and Argentina. The capital and largest city of Paraguay is Asuncion.


Paraguay Satellite Map

Paraguay occupies an area of 406,796 square kilometers (157,065 sq mi), which makes it larger than Guyana but smaller than Chile. It has a diverse geography with forests, swampland, and even beaches along the Paraguay and Paraná rivers. But its most significant region is the Chaco, which covers 60% of the area. The Chaco region is known for being one of the most sparsely inhabited areas in South America with just 3% of Paraguay’s population. While the east of Paraguay has heavy rainfall, the west is considered semi-arid. Although it’s completely landlocked, it has coasts, beaches, and ports with access to the Atlantic Ocean.


Paraguay Elevation Map

The Paraneña region is the most populous region in Paraguay with about 95 percent of its population. But at the same time, it contains the most topographic features in the country. In general, its eastern border is an area of highlands with elevations reaching 700 meters (2,297 ft) above sea level.  As it transitions towards the interior towards the Panama River, it becomes a lowlands area prone to flooding.  At 842 m (2,762 ft) in height, Cerro Peró is the highest peak in Paraguay. Whereas its lowest point is 46 meters at the junction of the Paraguay and Parana Rivers.