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Scandinavia Map Collection

Are you looking for a map of Scandinavia? We offer you 5 free maps of this region. Each highlights different aspects of its geography.

Our Scandinavia map shows this region in Northern Europe. Notably, it comprises Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

You are free to use our maps of Scandinavia for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Detailed Map of Scandinavia

Our detailed map includes the populated places in the Scandinavia region. You can find cities, towns, and villages to give a complete geographical perspective.

In addition to urban areas, you’ll be able to view lakes, rivers, bays, and other water features. This detailed map is a great resource looking to explore the Scandinavian region.

Scandinavia Detailed Map
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Simple Map of Scandinavia 

Our simple map of Scandinavia is designed to provide a clear and straightforward overview of this Northern European region. This map is ideal for those seeking a basic understanding of Scandinavia’s geography.

It includes its key countries – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. You’ll find major cities, significant towns, and important geographical features as a starting point to explore its geopolitical landscapes.

Scandinavia Map
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Physical Map of Scandinavia

Introducing our physical Map of Scandinavia. This map highlights the physical features of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Download for free.

From the majestic fjords and mountains of Norway to the numerous lakes of Sweden, and the gentle rolling hills of Denmark, it is an essential visual for understanding the topographical diversity of Scandinavia.

Scandinavia Physical Map
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Administration Map of Scandinavia

Our administrative map of Scandinavia is an outstanding resource for understanding the political and administrative divisions of this region.

This map details the boundaries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It delineates each country’s counties, municipalities, and major cities.

Scandinavia Administration Map
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Scandinavia Map with Capital Cities

This map is designed to showcase the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, along with their major cities and key urban centers.

It provides a clear depiction of the geographical boundaries and urban layout of each country in this remarkable Northern European region.

Scandinavia Capitals Map
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Atlas of Scandinavia

Are you looking for political, satellite, and elevation maps of each country in Scandinavia? Our world atlas contains a collection of high-quality, printable maps that cover every aspect of Scandinavia’s geography.

First, the political maps provide clear boundaries and locations of cities and towns, while the satellite maps offer a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. Finally, the elevation maps are particularly useful for understanding the topography of the region, highlighting mountains, valleys, and plains.

Countries in Scandinavia

This table defines the countries that are part of Scandinavia. It also describes the geographic location of each country.

Country NameDescription of Geography
SwedenSweden features vast forests, numerous lakes, and a long Baltic Sea coastline. Its terrain includes flat to rolling lowlands and high mountains in the west.
DenmarkDenmark consists of a peninsula, Jutland, and an archipelago of 443 named islands. Its terrain is predominantly flat with sandy coasts and arable land.
NorwayNorway is characterized by its extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean, fjords, and mountainous terrain. It also hosts part of the Scandinavian Mountains.

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