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Caribbean Map Collection (Printable)

This map of the Caribbean Islands is for anyone wanting a free, downloadable map of this region.

Our Caribbean map collection includes the following:

  1. Caribbean countries
  2. Capital cities
  3. Detailed map
  4. Physical map
  5. Administrative map

You are free to use our Caribbean map for educational and commercial uses. Attribution is required. How to attribute?

Caribbean Map with Countries

This map of the Caribbean Islands is for anyone wanting a free, downloadable map of this region. We allow you to download this map without any restrictions. Please feel free to use it for any purpose including commercially.

Caribbean Country Map
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Caribbean Map with Countries and Capitals

The Caribbean Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, which is a region of the Atlantic Ocean. They are southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland of North America.

Use this map of the Caribbean to locate major cities and country outlines. Download the map below for any purpose. If you use this map, we encourage you to add a citation.

Caribbean Country Capitals Map
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Detailed Map of the Caribbean 

This detailed map of the Caribbean highlights its diverse geographical features and network of islands. It delineates the islands, cities, and coastal lines. Additionally, the map emphasizes political boundaries and major water features.

Caribbean Map
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Physical Map of the Caribbean

Our physical map of the Caribbean displays topographic features with a focus on mountain peaks. It labels Pico Duarte, Pic la Selle, Blue Mountain Peak, and other mountain ranges.

Caribbean Physical Map
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Administration Map of the Caribbean

This is an administration map showing major provinces in the Caribbean. You’ll find populated places and capital cities for all 13 countries. It also delineates regional divisions such as the West Indies, Greater Antilles, and Lesser Antilles.

Caribbean Administration Map
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What are the 13 countries of the Caribbean?

The table below defines the 13 countries that are part of the Caribbean. Each country is listed in alphabetical order.

Antigua and BarbudaLow-lying islands, coral and limestone, beaches
BahamasArchipelago of islands and cays, flat coral formations
BarbadosRelatively flat, surrounded by coral reefs
CubaLargest island with diverse landscapes, mountains in southeast
Dominican RepublicVaried terrain with mountains, valleys, and beaches
GrenadaHilly, volcanic origin, lush rainforests
HaitiMountainous, with a tropical climate
JamaicaMountainous interior, beautiful beaches, tropical
Puerto RicoMountainous with coastal plains, tropical
Saint Kitts and NevisTwo islands, volcanic with mountainous regions
Saint LuciaVolcanic island, mountainous, famous Pitons
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesChain of islands, volcanic, lush vegetation
Trinidad and TobagoTwo main islands, diverse topography, beaches, hills

The Caribbean Atlas

As part of our world atlas, we’ve created individual maps for each country. Click on any of the maps below for a more detailed map. Each map allows you to explore the physical and political features of each country.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our Caribbean map collection. We’re always looking for suggestions to improve our atlas. Please let us know in the comment section for your ideas and suggestions.

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